Triple-A Model
We BOT your bots!

Many companies have selected Automation Anywhere as their platform of choice, having successfully completed PoCs and pilots, proving the business case for automation and the technological feasibility of AA-based solutions.

The problem

Companies are now looking to deploy automation on a larger scale, covering major functional areas of the organization such as HR, F&A, Customer Services, Supply Chain Management, as well as vertical processes that are specific to their industry. Some of these companies have outsourced their automation work, but many are looking to build their own internal automation teams.

In either case, an acute shortage of RPA experts in the market is becoming a major bottleneck in ramping up high quality automation teams and undertaking large scale enterprise-wide automation initiatives.

Solution: Triple-A Model

The Triple-A (Acronotics Automation-Anywhere Academy) Model is specifically designed to solve this problem. Under this model, we set up a customized team of automation experts tailored for a client’s specific needs, on a turnkey basis and with an option to in-source (BOT model).

The model transfers all the operational complexities & risks around setting up and operating an automation team to Acronotics. At the same time the client remains firmly in control, including having the option of in-sourcing the team. Teams can be set up in any major location around the globe and are located on the client’s premises.

The Triple-A Model is ideally suited for a company that

  • Has selected AA as its preferred automation platform and has successfully deployed some bots
  • Is looking to significantly scale-up the automation program but struggling to build up a high quality automation team

Know more

If you would like to know more about our Triple-A model then please do reach out to us.

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